8+ Free Phone Tracker Features

Do you want to use different phone tracking features for free? If yes, you can use the Free Tracker App. With this free app, you can use many new phone tracking features for free. You don’t have to pay any money to use these tracking features. They are available for free. You just have to create an account and use the app. Moreover, you can choose different elements from your account. You can also check all these features on the demo option. All of these features have many advantages. You don’t have to snoop around anymore to get information. With just one click, you will get all the information.

Free Tracker App Features

Free Tracker App Features
Free Tracker App Features

There are many features available with the Free Tracker App. Some of these features are the core features of this app, while others are standard features. As technology is advancing, new features are introduced to make spying easy. You can use all these features for free without getting caught. The works in a hidden way, so you can use these features secretly. You can access your account to use these features anywhere, anytime you want. If you want to know more about the tracking features of this app, we can help you. In this post, we will discuss 8+ free tracking features you can use with this app.

8+ Free Phone Tracking Features

Here is a list of 8+ free tracking features of this app. You are free to use any part you want. With each segment, you can track different activities of a phone.

  • Tracking Location

This feature helps you to track the location of a phone. With this feature, you can track not only the live location of the phone but also the past locations. On the dashboard, you can use this feature to track every location of the phone. You can check the location on Google Maps with complete address, including the latitude and longitude with accurate time. However, you can even share this location with someone else. You can manage all the previous locations by setting a timer to track the location.

  • Call Spy

You can use the call Spy feature to track all the calling activities of the phone. Moreover, you can follow the call logs, which include the type of call, i.e., incoming, outgoing, or missed call. You can check every call duration and time. You can check the contact details of the caller as well. However, you can use the advanced call feature, which helps you to record all the calls. You can listen to the calls and save the recording as well. Also, you can use, manage, and block specific numbers on the phone.

  • Keylogger

With a Keylogger, you can record keystrokes. You can check the recorded works to get passwords from the phone. You can use this password to hack their social media profile.

  • Geo-Fencing

With this feature, you can set a digital location fence. Once the phone leaves the location or enters the location, you will receive an alert. You can select specific locations as alerts to know when the person enters or leaves the location. Moreover, you can use it for your kids.

  • SMS Spy

With the SMS Spy feature, you can track all the SMS received and sent from the phone. You can follow all the messages from your account. However, you can check the type of message along with reading the content of the message. You can check the contact details of the sender/ receiver. Moreover, you can even read the messages which have been deleted from the phone.

  • Photos/Videos

With this feature, you can check all the images and videos stored inside the phone gallery. You can also check all the saved and downloaded images along with screenshots. Moreover, you can check each picture’s details, like file name, size, and date of creation. You can view as well as download the images and videos with this feature.

  • History

With this feature, you can track the browser history of the phone. You can check which all sites are opened on the phone. You can check the time spent on each site. On the dashboard, you can check the name of each site and the time. You can view which all apps are used and downloaded on the phone.

  • WhatsApp

You can use this feature to track the messages sent and received on WhatsApp. However, you can check everything that’s going on WhatsApp. You can read the messages and check the media, which is shared with it. Moreover, you can read each message with date and time and get the contact details of a person.

  • Remote

With the remote feature, you can remotely control a few activities on the phone. You can use a microphone to record your surroundings. Moreover, you can also switch on the camera or control the screen to take screenshots. You can delete or block certain apps and numbers from the phone as well.

These are the 8+ free features of this phone tracking app.